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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ToK Prescribed Essay Titles MAY 2014

Changes to TOK

We signalled some time ago that there are going to be changes to TOK in the coming months.

In fact, those of you who start your IB Diploma studies this September 2013 (let’s call you the Class of 2013) will be the first group introduced to the changes which will be first examined in May 2015.

This is an important point.  Especially for those of you who are in your final year of the DP (let’s call you the Class of 2012).
There appear to be some websites and blogs out there suggesting that the TOK Prescribed Essay Titles for May 2014 will
a/ be released in September 2013 and

b/ assess your understanding of the NEW curriculum.
Please understand that a/ is CORRECT but b/ is INCORRECT.
The more likely scenario is that the Class of 2012 will be assessed according to the OLD assessment criteria in May 2014; the Class of 2013 will be assessed according to the NEW criteria in May 2015 (your Prescribed titles will come out in September 2014).
So be careful out there when browsing those TOK websites for information and maintain the spirit of questioning everything that you read – even this blog!

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Mike Barry said...

Interesting conversation with TOK student re: tasks of historians and human scientists...
Conclusion that historians try to understand the past to explain the present to anticipate the future.
Human scientists try to change the future but can't do this without understanding the present and explaining it's connection to the past.
Somewhere in there is a bounty of KIs...