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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The use of examples

We're in the middle of marking the first set of Yr12 essays and noticing various issues relating to EXAMPLES.
  1. Many students are struggling to find RELEVANT examples.
  2. Many of you are repeating the same clich├ęd examples.

So we have decided it's time to do something about it. At the risk of being dictatorial, but in the service of INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, we are banning the use of the following examples in presentations and essays and for BOTH Yr 12s and Yr13s:

  • flat earth theory (please think of a modern relation!)
  • Adolf Hitler's extermination of the Jews (so much regurgitation of spoon-fed nonsense here, it's beginning to get brain-numbing)

Now, if you can write about these things INTELLIGENTLY and with INSIGHT and present a clearly researched and verified ARGUMENT or COUNTER-ARGUMENT, then please go ahead and use them as examples. But do NOT be mindless about it.

Watch this space for an addition to the list of banned examples...

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