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1. Think for yourself, 2. Be yourself, 3. Speak up, 4. Feel free to agree and disagree, 5. Be honest with yourself and others, 6. Be open-minded, 7. Avoid being judgmental and 8. Question everything - even your own thinking.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

The TOK Essay

The Year 13s will be starting to turn their attention to their final essay drafts while the Year 12s will be attempting their first essay.

For the Year 13s, we would say:
  • Use all your experience of preparing your Presentations in approaching your final drafts

  • Use the same structure for the essay as you did for the presentation

  • Choose your essay title/question and PLAN the essay from scratch WITHOUT looking at the original one you did

  • Then WRITE the essay without looking at the original one

  • Finally, compare the new essay with the original and take from this only the best elements

You might be surprised at what you produce.

For the Year 12s, we would say:

  • Don't worry - this essay is like nothing you've ever done before

  • Use the advice on the blog and the website to help you

  • It's not so much the content that you're marked on as the quality of your mind and how you apply it in exploring the implications of the question

  • Just go for it!

For both Years, here's a sheet that you can use to focus your mind on the writing process: TOK Essay Self-Evaluation Sheet.

If you want a consultation on the Essay, make sure you follow the advice on this sheet and bring a PLAN of your ideas. Do not come to us EMPTY-HANDED!

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